Adria Richards and the wrath of the internet.

Now some of you may know what i am about to speak of, some of you may not.  So to let people know whats going on, here’s the deal:

Two days ago a tech developer and known feminist Adria Richards posted a picture of two men on her twitter feed from a tech convention she attended.  She claimed the two men were making a sexually offense joke by talking about forks and dongles.

For the definition of a dongle you can just look it up but basically its a form of accessory hardware like a flash drive.  Adria demanded the men be dealt with for the conversation which she was not involved in or mentioned in any.  One of the men was fired the next day after some feminist internet buzz and this started a chain of events that have rivaled anything since Anita Sarskeen started Feminist Frequency on Youtube.  Two 4chan boards /pol/ and /b/went into a rage and decided to teach Richards a lesson since the man who was fired had a wife and three kids.

The last 24 hours were, in my opinion, a hilarious hell as /pol/ and /b/ dug up dirt and personal info on Richards.  They ‘doxxed’ her as the term goes and staged a internet justice/hate campaign against her.  The campaign was a rousing success, several articles online state that she has been fired as of today and she’s already claiming she’s going to call her lawyer.  Her dad is a lawyer by the way.  I doubt this will go any further although 4chan is now looking at harassing PlayHaven (the company that fired the guy) for their actions.  Yep 4chan is harnessing years of repressed rage and no one involved in this may be safe.  Oh well i shall watch and laugh.

The reality is: Karma is a bitch.  And said bitch bit down pretty hard on Adria Richards’ ass.  There aren’t any real winners in this debacle but it sure was fun to watch.  And yeah i kinda think Richards deserved what she got.

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