Third Wave lunacy.

Well folks for those of you who don’t know about there is a third wave of feminism.  And it is mostly taking place on the internet.  And some of the worst women on the planet are having their say.

All Sex and Relationships with males is Rape

Yeah that link above is the ‘too long; didn’t read’ version for those of you who need it or have ADHD/ADD like me.  This female must be some kind of man-hating lesbian with some serious issues.  Perhaps some trauma from her childhood?  I’ve been seeing this stuff on tumblr and WordPress for a while now and maybe it’s time for me to start actually saying something about this kind of tripe.  To comment on this simply, this chick is nuts.

Your opinions are welcome.

5 thoughts on “Third Wave lunacy.

  1. I guess, in all fairness, we all have issues. Some are just a little more extreme than others. Thanks for posting this, my friend.

  2. Yeah, I don’t like to do clinical diagnoses by text, but she does write like a victim of trauma. I don’t know where you got “lesbian” from, and she isn’t a “third wave” feminist at all. Third Wave Feminism evolved to advance acceptance of more fluid notions of gender identity and personal choice for both women and men. It’s all about shades of gray. The previous waves of feminism are also considered by third wave feminists to have over-emphasized concerns most relevant to affluent white women. That angry “us vs them” female separatist stuff is a big part of second wave feminism.

      • The term used during second wave feminism was “radical separatist”. It’s an extremist philosophic position taken by a small number of women asserting their lives were polluted by any association with men, including friendships. The fad basically died out fast in the early 80s, but one of these folks still pops up every once in a while. The Internet’s a big planet. This attitude evolved into more inclusive interpretations like “grrrl power”.

      • unfortunately they have taken up residence on the internet. And their numbers are growing. I’ll make a post about it soon.

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