Whats up and whats been happening.

Well a few things have happened since my last post.  The flash on my Nikon D40 has died and i am not sure what to do about it at the moment.  Either i repair it, or I buy a external flash.  I like the idea of a external flash because i plan to get a multi-directional flash that will help keep the flash out of my subjects eyes and out of mirrors and windows, but still provide adequate light.  Yeah its a great idea and kind of cheap too since i have found a great Vivitar kit for a good affordable price. 

Now onto somewhat darker things.  I have had it with using friends and family as models.  Too much damn drama and being used like a chump.  I won’t go into too many details mainly because i don’t want to.  But suffice to say that each time I’ve used either friends or family as models they only model once and then i can’t get them to model again.  if they promise to model again they keep putting me off, begging for favors, or using the proposed modelling gig to get me help them but constantly reign on keeping their end of the bargain.  So for now, no more family and friends.  I just don’t need to be so pissed off and feel so used.  Life is hard enough as is.

And now about my Tumblr site.  I am trying to decide whether to keep it going or not.  Even though i have new pictures it may be months before I get anything else; plus i have this blog to keep posting pictures at.  I think i have figured out how to run this thing well enough that I can link the posts to my photography without messing it up.  But i haven’t logged into the site in months and i really don’t maintain anything there any more.  If you think i should keep the tumblr up then just say so in the comments beyond that there isn’t much else to say at the moment because I have other things to do.  I will be posting more pics of Cintra though.

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