Pissed off and shaking my head.

I’m trying to keep my anger in check here, but i need to vent and scream right now!  I have three cousins on my mother’s side of the family, three sisters in fact.  Their names are Nika, the oldest at 33.  Zovia, the second daughter, 27, and Nisha, the youngest at 23. Their mother had each of them out of wedlock, with three different men and then basically dumped them off on her mother.  Now to put this in perspective even further, their mother Teetha and her sister Leetha came to stay at my parents place when they were in their teens and i was still a little kid in hopes of steering them from the path of becoming unwed mothers.  Well it didn’t work, both sisters had kids out of wedlock.

To top it off the eldest daughter of Teetha, Nika had been babysat for months when she was a baby, not only by my mother but also my mother’s mother (my grandmother) for about a year.  Well here we are years later and Nika has three kids out of wedlock by three different men, none of which will or can help.  Zovia has one child out of wedlock with some guy who has been dead since the child was born.  Nisha doesn’t have any kids, yet, but i have helped all three sisters out with either money or rides back and forth to work or shopping for things for their children.

Now over the last few months i have been giving Nisha rides back and forth to work, or over to a female friends house.  Now she knows i will not give her a ride over to any guy’s house because i do not believe in giving rides for booty calls or for you to have sex with or spend time with some lover or beau, especially those three girls because i will not have any role to play in screwing up their lives any further.  But guess what i see on Facebook today?  Nisha making some post about how happy it is to wake up beside some ‘boo’ that you love so deeply.  And just a few hours ago i took her ass over to some income assisted apartment complex because she wanted to hang out with a female friend of her’s.  She has been lying to me from the start!  Lying to my fucking GODDAMN FACE!

Now i can already see how this shit is gonna play out!  Nisha is going to get her stupid, no-education having, ghetto ass pregnant just like her sisters and mother and then expect everyone to help her ass out.  She even has a cousin who is 7 months pregnant right now and can’t even afford to get her own car fixed.  She has numerous examples in friends and family around her to let her know what not to do and yet she is doing the exact same thing her sisters, her mother, her friends, and extended family have done.  And yet…there seems to be no pattern recognition, no epiphany as to how she is risking screwing her life up on a permanent basis.

Well from now on she isn’t getting any rides to any of these other places and i am seriously thinking about just cutting her sorry ass off completely because of this bullshit, which would mean no rides to work either.  *sigh*  I am just so angry and i don’t know what else to say or do.

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