Paper and Kim Kardashian and whores.

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Lets just face this fact first.  The recent photo shoot of Kim Kardashian isn’t about Kim and her ass, its about the magazine called Paper, who I’m willing to bet that other then myself no one knew about outside of the New York City.  The Kardashian shoot was the first I had ever heard of this magazine.  So it is obvious that Paper is trying to keep itself relevant and they have done a great job by posting a semi-nude spread of one of Generation Y’s favorite whores.

I came upon this revelation as i looked at a variety of these pictures and the comments.  Quite literally every American generation and every American Decade going back to the 50’s and maybe even the 40’s had their own whore.  A woman who defied conventional stereotypes of women and how they should behave by acting sexy or being very sexual.  Madonna and Ally McBeal were the ‘whores’ of my generation and now Gen Y has a slew of them; Miley Cyrus, Brittany Spears and so on.  Hell we’ve even divided them by race, with Nicki Minaji as Black Gen Y’s ‘whore/slut’.  They all have the same MO though, show as much flesh, talk about having as much sex, and create as much controversy as possible.  And while we revile, marvel, and lust after them one thing will never change, they are all doing it for money, not for a cause, which is what makes them what I call them, whores, not icons of the cause of femininity or  female sexuality.


P.S.  The picture of the black female in the same pose as Kim is actually the original idea for the pose that Kim is doing.  The pictures was taken back in 1985-86.  And the photographer of Kim just rehashed his masterpiece with Kim for this shoot.

2 thoughts on “Paper and Kim Kardashian and whores.

  1. Appreciate your oh-so-politically-incorrect candor and largely agree with you. It’s hard to believe that these generational sex object icons have doing much for desexualizing/emancipating women in men’s minds, and their reasons are always the same: fame and fortune by selling their bodies.

    We have to agree that’s pretty much the definition of a whore. And yes, we DO “revile, marvel, and lust after them” all at the same time. That why it works!

    Let’s not get into an argument here about whether prostitution is a noble and necessary occupation or not, ok? A whore is still a whore, and William’s definition applies.

    • Thanks for the reply ANC. And also thanks for support. As far as prostitution goes. Its never been a honorable profession, just an accepted way for women to make money. Now in a number of pagan religions you had women who were considered as ‘divine’ concubines for the priests to have sex with and nothing more.

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