So who am I? I’m a thirty year old black male, single, and quite happy about it. I work for my a local newspaper. I am bisexual, but I am socially and politically conservative. I’m also a realist and a somewhat student of journalism.  Mom and Dad are still together and married. I enjoy anime, R&B, baseball, and a few other things. But mostly this blog is about what i see going on in the world, and how i feel about it all. Right now I’m listening to the Cowboy Bebop OST. The song is ADIEU. I love this song because it talks about alot that happened in my life. Well here’s to hoping this page is successful.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear William

    I was surfing the web and came across your nudist category. I thought I had something worthwhile to say about it and spent some time typing a reply.

    I pressed the submit comment box when I was finished and the computer flashed “REJECTED” As far as I could see I had done everything properly and didn’t write anything offensive.

    Yours faithfully

  2. Great site! I happened here by accident but will be back for more. I’m following now so I’ll be a frequent reader!

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