Winter fashion and warmth for the at home nudist.

So yeah winter is on the way and it may not be looking good for some people.  Those of us who are at home nudists know how cold it can get in the house and worst of all how expensive it can get trying to keep the heat up enough to remain nude at home.  Well sometimes you can’t afford to keep the house at a crisp and warm 73 degrees plus all winter.  So here’s some fashion tips for all you naturists at home.

Space Heaters

best-space-heater-reviews-1  Duraflame_electric_space_heater_large

You can get these person heating systems for cheap.  I’ve seen them for about 25 bucks.  I use one in the room where i have my computer and it works great.  A quick tip: close off the room where the space heater is running and it will warm up the room in less then 2 hours.



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In many cases I have only one part of my body that gets really cold, and its generally my feet Tread Socks, also known as hospital socks are a great way to keep your feet warm and stay trendy.


Night Shirts and Bathrobes

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In my 20’s if you had told me that night shirts could be worn by men i would have laughed in your face.  But i used to have a number of them several years ago.  They were basically just over sized plain colored shirts and they served me well in keeping warm.  I wore them out over the years though.  But now and I have a bathrobe and I think I’ll be buying a one of those night shirts I’ve seen online.  They are great at keeping you warm and easy the slip out of, which is something I want.


Blankets and such

snuggie-red The-Snuggie frazadas we_supply_polar_fleece_blanket_with_low_price

Well the cheapest and easiest way to keep warm is with a blanket, or if you insist a Snuggie.  I will say that i do have a snuggie and it works, although i struggle with the mental issue of using one of the gayest, worst products ever made in all of human history.  Blankets and snuggies are good for when you are laying down and sitting in one place.  They aren’t very good if you have to move around.  So if you wanna watch TV and keep warm, a blanket or a snuggie is where its at.


Keeping warm and basically as nude as possible shouldn’t be hard or expensive so i hope everyone enjoys these tips.  Keep warm and Happy Winter!


Nude on the Job 2

Well I’ve been at it again for the last four days, driving around doing my job in an oversized T-shirt. The novelty has kinda worn off until i knew it was going to rain today and i really, really wanted to feel the rain on my bare skin. I was tempted to take off my t-shirt and do my stops totally in the buff. But considering it was past 5 a.m. when i was able to start my route i decided not to, plus the rain was damn cold! It seems like the weather at night around here is going to be humid and rainy for a couple of more days, maybe I’ll get that chance to feel warm rain on my skin for once.