We are back and up and running!

So today i finally got the new webpage for Naturism for People of Color up and running!  YEAY!  Nothing can stop me now! (i hope)  Okay so the new site looks great and I even have a separate page set up for pictures and Photography!  Yes my dear blog readers I actually have a separate page for pictures and i can actually post on it as well!  With this new development i may set up a site purely for my photography.  The site is based on Weebly.  Not exactly a cool name, but it gets the job done pretty well.  But lets get to the point shall we?

The new website address is: Naturism for People of Color

I may have one last chance…maybe

I’ve always wanted to wonder around outside in the nude.  I’ve managed to sneak outside a few times but never really enjoyed the moment.  Most of the time i would site on the steps of my back door and smoke a cigarette.  And yeah those steps are uncomfortable to sit on.

So yeah, this year was going to be the year.  I was going to stand outside and get the job done this summer.  At first the usual excuses started, but then something terrible happened.  The tree in my back yard had to be totally cut down due to fears of the old dead thing falling on the house in a storm.  A very large branch had hit the house more then a year ago and luckily cause no damage, but no chances could be taken this year and so it was cut down.

The old tree was the only thing that obstructed the view to my back doorstep.  My back yard neighbor is a 80+ yr old woman who I’ve only met 3 times since I moved here years ago.  And yet i am now paranoid that she’ll see me if i step outside in the nude, even if it’s 2 AM.  And to be honest her back window is more the 30 yards away.  *sigh*  OK maybe one last try.  I don’t even know any more.

Not a word…but maybe a blog.

As i posted a couple of weeks back i was planning on starting a blog here specifically for Nudism for people of color.  So far i haven’t received one answer from anyone.  Kinda pisses me off.  But I’ve decided to try to do this anyway.  Especially since some one has offered to do some research and bring others to the blog.  So let’s do it!  The questions is, what to name the blog?  Naturism for people of color?  Naturism for peoples of colors.  The Color of Nudism/Naturism? (i kinda like that one)  Nudism for people of Color?

Once again on Black Naturism.

Over the last year a lot of people have spoken to me about starting our own group for black nudist/naturist.  The biggest suggestion was Facebook.  I was willing to start a group but then i got comments from people saying Facebook was real iffy about nudity on a members page.  Then there are also security issues, spam, and God knows what else.  So i opted to use Experience Project.  I even started a group called “I Am A Black Naturist” on Experience Project and so far i only have six people including myself, and 4 stories, two of which are by me.  SO the Experience Project group is something of a wash.  I was thinking about making a Yahoo Group, but i’d have to monitor it constantly.

So i was at a total loss, until today.  What i am thinking about doing is starting a new WordPress blog.  One for black naturists and naturists of color in general.  But there is one hitch, I need support.  Not financial, but activity.  In other words I’ll need people to follow and post.  I can’t do it all on my own so everyone will have to help.  Now to start helping me here’s what you have to do: reply to this post.  I get enough people saying this is a great idea or have suggestions for another idea and i’ll see what i can do.