We are back and up and running!

So today i finally got the new webpage for Naturism for People of Color up and running!  YEAY!  Nothing can stop me now! (i hope)  Okay so the new site looks great and I even have a separate page set up for pictures and Photography!  Yes my dear blog readers I actually have a separate page for pictures and i can actually post on it as well!  With this new development i may set up a site purely for my photography.  The site is based on Weebly.  Not exactly a cool name, but it gets the job done pretty well.  But lets get to the point shall we?

The new website address is: Naturism for People of Color

Searching for a Black Naturist Forum!

Recently someone commented on my blog about looking for a group that black naturists could meet and get together on line.  I agree that we should do this but i will also admit I hate separating us as nudists by race.  But I also understand the ultimate problem.  NO ONE KNOWS WE EXIST!!  Because of this we do need a place that we can call our own, build up our numbers, and then spread out if we wish to.  But we do need to know that there are other black naturists out there.  Now if anyone reads this and wants to start a group then by all means lets do so.  Comment here on the blog about your plans if you would like.  If no one says anything about starting a group i may look into starting one myself.