New site listing

So where am i now?

Here I am:


So I imported my old personal blog over to the new blog site and its up and running right now!  The naturism blog is still being worked on so its gonna take a while.  I’ll probably just reblog the last post from my personal blog over to the Naturist blog.  Well happy reading and all.


Shutting this down.

After several e-mails with some WordPress moderators i have finally figured out where i went wrong and why the original Naturism for People of Color was shut down.  Apparently i didn’t inform WordPress that this blog and NFPOC was to have ‘mature’ content on them so that is why NFPOC was suspended and now so has this blog.  I was allowed back in to basically collect my things and leave so I may set up a new blog on one of the subsidiaries of WordPress, like and a few others.  Basically after more then three years with both these blogs either i was reported as having ‘mature’ content or during a sweep of the site they noticed my blogs and decided to suspend them without notice.  But it says they can do so in the Terms of Service so I’m stuck.  I have about a week left to get the rest of what i want and leave.  So i’m pretty much done.  I’ll have the new blogs set up in a day or two and I’ll leave the new addresses for each blog on this one and then i’ll delete the blog myself.  Its been fun and every thanks for being so loyal and understanding.

Starting Over again.

I’ve been thinking about it and maybe I’ll just restart Naturism for People of Color here on WordPress.  I hate to do so but i spent part of today searching for another site to start over on.  So far Weebly has been a bust due the difficulty of posting pictures and just posting in general.  I came to realize yesterday that Weebly is a site used to build websites, not blogs which is why its so difficult to put a picture in a blog post.  The site is set up to make everything quick and easy for site builders, not bloggers.  So I have been looking around and found basically copies of Weebly as far as blog sites go.  There is tumblr, which is okay but not very good with photos in my opinion.  Next is Blogger, via Google.  Blogger is nice but once again posting pictures in a good format is difficult.  I’ll keep searching for right now but as for now the site on Weebly will probably be deleted soon.  Its not worth using if I can’t do what i need to do.

We are back and up and running!

So today i finally got the new webpage for Naturism for People of Color up and running!  YEAY!  Nothing can stop me now! (i hope)  Okay so the new site looks great and I even have a separate page set up for pictures and Photography!  Yes my dear blog readers I actually have a separate page for pictures and i can actually post on it as well!  With this new development i may set up a site purely for my photography.  The site is based on Weebly.  Not exactly a cool name, but it gets the job done pretty well.  But lets get to the point shall we?

The new website address is: Naturism for People of Color

Still no change.

After three weeks and two complaints sent to, nothing has changed.  No response from and Naturism for People of Color has yet to be restored.  So i guess i need to start looking for a new place to set up shop.  Tumblr seems okay, but it isn’t really conductive to writing and of course people will just steal your images.  So far I’ve yet to look around and see what i can find for free.  Well tonight i start looking.

Just Gone…

Its been six days since NFPoC was suspended and i have yet to hear back from WordPress.  I’m going to give them one more day, then I’ll send another e-mail to them.  What makes this so bad is that i checked the site and the posts that i made are just gone.  I can’t even get those pictures back.  And the really sad part is the posts are gone and i cannot remember each one so i can start over if i have to.  Speaking of starting over, if i have to I’ll just start NFPoC on another blog site.  I’ve been doing some looking and the prospects for a free site look reasonably good.  If anyone has any suggestions just post them in the comments section.

Naturism for People of Color has been suspended.

I just found out today when i was trying to log on to deal with comments and such.  I have no idea why it was suspended, but apparently I am not the only one since another friend of mine, Guy without Boxers, was also suspended.  I’ve sent a report asking why, but it may be a while before any response is given.  So for now I need to be careful, since i have no idea what got me suspended, I’ll have to wait and not post anything with nudity in it.  If the suspension is not lifted I’ll start the blog over somewhere else.

added Note:  If anyone needs to contact me they can do so at  Sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused