Death of DOMA and society

Yea I made the topic to get views so sue me. 😛


So what can I say about DOMA and the SCOTUS decision?  I could sit back and say it sucks.  I could rave and rant about how this is causing the moral decay of our society and some such.  but you know what, i ain’t gonna.  Why because we already know these things.  I’m not saying that conservatives and moralists should give up the fight, but i think we should get ready to lose these kinds of battles because these battles are not won with heartfelt speeches and logic, especially when the opposition is using the same thing and the power of the courts to back their position up.

As a Constitutionalist i can see the legal argument that SCOTUS gave.  It is not the place of the Federal Government to declare what marriage is or is not.  Also it is not the place of the Federal Government to decide what morality is or is not.  And this is true.  But the hypocrisy of it all is that the Federal Government has been doing this for years with drugs, the Age of Consent, and numerous other behaviors.  The only argument for the Federal Government doing such a thing is the so-called ‘Will of the People’ argument, which something that the Fed has been using for at least 100 years now.

But the ‘Will of the People’ was abolished when the 9th circuit overturned Prop 8 with the wave of a pen, so to speak.  So what do we really have here then?  We have the idea that the ‘Moral Will of the Majority’ can be overturned by the courts due to political correctness.  Because of this I think we need to go back to a much deeper form of grass roots Conservatism.  And I’m talking dandelion root deep!  What we need to do is teach morals and ethics at home, not to the politicians.  They won’t listen, but if you teach it in the home, then eventually we will get it in the school and in our politicians.  That is the only way we can effect change, or stay a moral, upstanding nation before God.

Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare.

Welp that’s it!  We’re done!  So what’s next Obama?  Declare that for the good of America we all need RF ID chips installed?  I’m sure you can pass that under the commerce clause as well.  I cannot fucking believe this.  Do we even have a Constitution in this country anymore?  We have no other choice but to depend on the general election and Mitt Romney.  Oh God I pray he wins because we are so screwed right now!

Ohhhh Gawd…

Fred Thompson has just announced that he is dropping out of the race. GODDAMNIT!!! Yes I’m sorry for cursing but I feel its all up shit creek now. Thompson was one of the few decent conservatives we had in this race.

So where do we go from here? Rudy? Or maybe Mitt? Just about all the choices suck!


Where have all the Conservatives gone?

Is this election i find myself asking that question. My greatest hope is that a number of these R.I.N.O.s are just playing to the popular vote, and when they get elected they’ll act like true conservatives and save us from this Hell that we are running into. I have to admit i am frustrated and a little scared as to what will happen to this country if Conservatism dies. I feel bad for Rush Limbaugh as well. He has fought for the Conservative cause for years. I’m sure he feels betrayed. So what do we do? I just don’t know any more. Maybe Thompson is the one. I can only pray that God truly intervenes.


Renewing my commitment…

to my conservative beliefs. For those of you who don’t know i used to be a liberal. But i held onto some Christian-conservative belief. But when i held my nephew in my arms just hours after he was born. I realized that I had a great stake in what kind of world my nephew would grow up in. So i became a conservative in totality. And have been one ever since. Just three days ago my younger cousin Lisa gave birth to her son, Jayden. And one day after his birth I held him in my arms. He looked at me with such curiousness. But I also saw a strength in his eyes. The child knew who he was and almost seemed to know what he wanted. It was almost as if he possessed no fear. I was impressed to say the least. But most of all i found myself renewing my commitment to being a conservative once more.

The birth of this child has also helped my depression greatly. His birth has reminded me that all is not lost, and that death has no true power in this world. No matter who or what dies, someone is always being born. Hope is given birth to every moment of every day.

Heh. How the hell can you be miserable if you think of it like that…