Halo and Sam

I finally went and got Halo: Combat Evolved on the PC two days ago.  I’ve been playing it alot!  Since i like FPS i figured i’d love the game.  And it is good.  A little repetative and i miss having a insane stockpile of weapons, but what the hey, I got to drive a Warthog!

Now about Sam, older white male, I’d say about late forties, maybe early fifties.  I met him at the Y two days ago ad i went back to his place, no biggie.  For him the sex was a lot of passion, a bit of nipple play.  I was happy to obligie and i enjoyed myself.  Not as much as I think i could have, but i got off pretty well.  Then we talked society and politics.  And after 11:30 p.m. I left, i had to go to work.  He gave me his phone number and i gave him mine.  He was in town for the week to deal with his mother who is sick and had ot be placed in a rest home.  Funny thing is he has a Texas phone number but SC license plates.  It doesn’t matter though, we had fun and i felt i had opened up a little.