Final Thoughts on Evangelism.

Well i read Mike Ratcliff’s blog and i found much of what I needed. I should have mentioned long before that I am also saved myself, but i forgot to do so.

So what have I discovered is that the secular/progressive and anti-Christian crowd use the words evangelical Christian as a code word to describe what they see as backwoods, ignorant, gun toting hicks who are uneducated, go to church on Wednesday and Sunday, and have a gunrack in the back of their pick-up trucks. For the more uptown version of the evangelical the SPs laugh even harder. Evangelicals from the city are a bunch of silly 20 something yuppies, who actually have Bible verses in their palm pilots. I remember a woman on television commenting about how her daughter met some one just like this and she had a good laugh at how dumb the poor Christian was. Her daughter was shocked that “people” like this actually existed. The daughter said, “Oh my God i had no idea what an evangelical Christian was like before this. I never thought i’d actually find one!” WTH?

So we have a small but ever growing group of the American public that views any form of serious Christianity as a group of kooks. Unfortunately they run the media and seem to have some sway over Washington. Sometimes it feels like other then Bill O’Reilly only a few other people including myself seem to know whats going on. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up or anything.

Well…weather I’m regarded as a kook, or some wacko Christian fundamentalist, I will be sticking with God. Its better the hanging out with Barbra Walters and her dumb bimbo of a daughter.


To Evangelical or not to Evangelical?

Ok I’ve heard these new media bywords tossed around for at least 2 years now. The words are “evangelical” and “evangelical Christian“.

Now do i have a problem with these words? I don’t know. Just recently i’ve gotten the feeling that the word has more of a insulting or labeling tone to it. I’m hoping someone can answer my question about these words. Because i don’t want a label that the secular/anti-Christian media will use against us first chance they get. They seem to be gearing for just knife in the back with Mike Huckabee who has suddenly become favorable in their eyes. I also want to know how society sees the evangelical Christian. And if there is some negative connotations to it. I hope to get a lot of comments on this.