Black Racism and Obama

First of all, yes black people are racist.  They can be very racist.  Our racism comes from ingrained anger and a constant feeling of being oppressed.  That isn’t a excuse for being a racist or a bigot.  Just the facts.  Even i have some racism and prejudice in my heart and i spend some time trying to get rid of it.  It’s impossible since i am human of course, but at least i acknowledge it and try to curb it.  Now as far as this election goes i am not voting for Obama, i just can’t.  Obama’s policies have failed and the man has proven to be a empty suit or sorts.  Now Romney ain’t much better in my opinion either.

What insults me are the claims from whites and blacks on the Left that is that if you don’t support Obama then you’re a racist.  Wasn’t the very election of Obama supposed to herald in the new age of a Non-racist America?  Apparently not, since the racist accusation has been going on since the man’s first year in office.

What is also offensive to me in some ways is that a large number of Black Americans are voting for Obama purely because he’s black, not based on policy or beliefs.  In fact, many will push aside their beliefs just to vote for Obama.  The selling of the proverbial soul as it is, just to give the ‘black man’ one more term.  It really shines a light on how easily lead we are as a race.

In the end what makes me worry that when the next black nominee for president comes along Black America will blindly vote and follow even it said nominee drives the nation off a cliff.  And what will Black America do when the country falls apart under said man’s leadership, expect to be coddled and bailed out of course.  What will be truly sad is the sense of betrayal many of them will feel when their ‘great black hope’ fails to save them from the fires of their own folly.

Barack Hussein Obama is now President of the United States!

Well it is all said and done!  I voted McCain of course.  But i am proud that we now have a new black president!  As an African American i wonder now how we in Black American will face tomorrow.  Will we get better or will we continue down the path of self-destruction.  There is no excuse for us now!  I can only hope for the best for my country now.  And pray things get better!  *sigh*  I have some other things weighing heavy on my heart though.  I’ll have to deal with them.  *sigh*  Well i need to cheer up.


Saddleback Civil Forum.

I had almost forgotten about this little shindig due to the fact that I was supposed to be folding papers at the time.  That’s the reason this post is at 1:25 am east coast time.  I watched the entire two hours without pause and I was impressed (somewhat) with the truthfulness of both men.  Pastor Rick Warren put these men on the spot and kept them on it.  Now i’ll be truthful with you.  Obama came straight out and said he was pro-choice and alluded to the fact that he would limit partial birth abortion unless the mother’s life was in danger.  I still shuddered.  McCain said he was pro-life.  Turth be told Obama spoke out against a law that would protect a child of a late term abortion if it was born still alive.  Simply put he voted against a law that basically said that the “aborted” child would receive medical attention.  So the baby would still be alive, but left to die.

I have a hard time even typing this without being sick on my stomach.  Obama is the only black man on the planet that i know of who would say, “Oh killing a live baby is o.k. if it’s a medical procedure.  I’m sorry folks i cannot vote for Obama.  I can’t.  I wouldn’t care if he was straight from the hood and as black as midnight I just can’t do it.  And if McCain has voted in anyway similiar then I don’t think i can vote for him either.  Now i am still i mpressed that both men spoke truthfully.  Although Obama, waffled and dodged a good bit.  When they hold the debates in late October we need to hold them in a megachurch because I think it will help drag the truth out of both men.  Now excuse me i have to hold my food down…


Tire Gauges.

You know what?  When Barack Obama made that tire gauge comment he must have been playing to a certain crowd.  The franchise mechanic crowd!  I was just on the phone with one of my local franchise mechanics shops and they had to put me on hold.  They usually play advertisements during this time and each on was about checking your tires to see if the tread was correct and if the tire pressure was good.  Can you imagine what Goodyear, Michelin, and Firestone were saying when they heard that comment?  They must have scrambled their ad people to find a way to capitalize on Obama’s dumb comment.  Since Barack is anti-capitalist, like most liberals are, he inadvertantly helped capitalism.  Ain’t that just ironic?


My thoughts on Jesse Jackson’s comments.

When i heard what Jesse Jackson said he wanted to do to Obama’s anatomy I was shocked beyond all belief.  My first thought was, “Jesse Jackson, what the fuck is wrong with you, man?”  I mean this has to be the crab barrel mentality at it’s worst.  But worst of all he was talking about doing the exact same thing that white males had been doing to black men for years, yet Jesse whispered so candidly about doing the same to Obama.  Now i ain’t no fan of Obama, politically, but the man has been addressing a number of concerns in the Black community for years, and yes i know Jesse said it before too…well he kinda said it but no body got the message…heh.  Almost sorry for the bit of humor there.

But back to the seriousness at hand.  Why did Jessie Jackson say this?  Jealousy.  Pure jealousy.  That’s all it is.  Why?  Because Obama is going to all of these black churches and is speaking out about how black men need to return to the home and take care of the children they father.  Now Jessie has supposedly been saying this for years and feels that Obama has no right to take his place and speak on such matters.

But I also sense one other reason for his comments.  Jessie probably feels that Obama is doing this for pure political gain and that Obama doesn’t truly care about the black race.  That is what I think the other reason for his comments are.

P.S.  Sorry for the lateness of this post but i have been busy and didn’t have a lot of time to write