Third Wave lunacy.

Well folks for those of you who don’t know about there is a third wave of feminism.  And it is mostly taking place on the internet.  And some of the worst women on the planet are having their say.

All Sex and Relationships with males is Rape

Yeah that link above is the ‘too long; didn’t read’ version for those of you who need it or have ADHD/ADD like me.  This female must be some kind of man-hating lesbian with some serious issues.  Perhaps some trauma from her childhood?  I’ve been seeing this stuff on tumblr and WordPress for a while now and maybe it’s time for me to start actually saying something about this kind of tripe.  To comment on this simply, this chick is nuts.

Your opinions are welcome.

Death of DOMA and society

Yea I made the topic to get views so sue me. 😛


So what can I say about DOMA and the SCOTUS decision?  I could sit back and say it sucks.  I could rave and rant about how this is causing the moral decay of our society and some such.  but you know what, i ain’t gonna.  Why because we already know these things.  I’m not saying that conservatives and moralists should give up the fight, but i think we should get ready to lose these kinds of battles because these battles are not won with heartfelt speeches and logic, especially when the opposition is using the same thing and the power of the courts to back their position up.

As a Constitutionalist i can see the legal argument that SCOTUS gave.  It is not the place of the Federal Government to declare what marriage is or is not.  Also it is not the place of the Federal Government to decide what morality is or is not.  And this is true.  But the hypocrisy of it all is that the Federal Government has been doing this for years with drugs, the Age of Consent, and numerous other behaviors.  The only argument for the Federal Government doing such a thing is the so-called ‘Will of the People’ argument, which something that the Fed has been using for at least 100 years now.

But the ‘Will of the People’ was abolished when the 9th circuit overturned Prop 8 with the wave of a pen, so to speak.  So what do we really have here then?  We have the idea that the ‘Moral Will of the Majority’ can be overturned by the courts due to political correctness.  Because of this I think we need to go back to a much deeper form of grass roots Conservatism.  And I’m talking dandelion root deep!  What we need to do is teach morals and ethics at home, not to the politicians.  They won’t listen, but if you teach it in the home, then eventually we will get it in the school and in our politicians.  That is the only way we can effect change, or stay a moral, upstanding nation before God.

Potinus Pilate & Justice Roberts.

I think we all know the story of Potinus Pilate and Jesus.  Pilate could find no fault in Jesus and washed his hands of the affair when the Jews continued to cry out for his execution.  But what Potinus also did was he created a Biblical example that Chief Justice Roberts hoped that the people of this country would follow in a different way.  Pilate, in the custom of Rome, brought forth Barabbas and asked the Jewish people would they rather release Barabbas, who was a murderer and thief, or Jesus, who was innocent.  The crowd chose Barabbas and even went so far as to declare that they would take responsibility for Jesus’ death.  Now Pilate did this in hopes the people would make the right decision and free Jesus.  But when he saw the decision the people made he literally and figuratively washed his hands of the affair in front of the people and told them that the blood of Jesus (Jesus’ execution) was on their consciences and not his.

Chief Justice Roberts has done much the same as Pontius Pilate.  He made this statement after the decision: “It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.” -Chief Justice Roberts.  In other words?  He is tired of deciding what is right and wrong for the lazy people of America.  Roberts thinks we should do this ourselves.  What he has effectively done is like Pilate, giving us a very obvious choice.  do we choose Barabbas (out of control government) or Jesus (the Constitution).  Now here is the ultimate problem.  There is a third choice:  We wait, see what happens and then go to open rebellion, riots, and then civil war when we don’t like what we get.  Roberts has perhaps knowingly opened the door to all out revolt against the government in the country…

Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare.

Welp that’s it!  We’re done!  So what’s next Obama?  Declare that for the good of America we all need RF ID chips installed?  I’m sure you can pass that under the commerce clause as well.  I cannot fucking believe this.  Do we even have a Constitution in this country anymore?  We have no other choice but to depend on the general election and Mitt Romney.  Oh God I pray he wins because we are so screwed right now!

Black Racism and Obama

First of all, yes black people are racist.  They can be very racist.  Our racism comes from ingrained anger and a constant feeling of being oppressed.  That isn’t a excuse for being a racist or a bigot.  Just the facts.  Even i have some racism and prejudice in my heart and i spend some time trying to get rid of it.  It’s impossible since i am human of course, but at least i acknowledge it and try to curb it.  Now as far as this election goes i am not voting for Obama, i just can’t.  Obama’s policies have failed and the man has proven to be a empty suit or sorts.  Now Romney ain’t much better in my opinion either.

What insults me are the claims from whites and blacks on the Left that is that if you don’t support Obama then you’re a racist.  Wasn’t the very election of Obama supposed to herald in the new age of a Non-racist America?  Apparently not, since the racist accusation has been going on since the man’s first year in office.

What is also offensive to me in some ways is that a large number of Black Americans are voting for Obama purely because he’s black, not based on policy or beliefs.  In fact, many will push aside their beliefs just to vote for Obama.  The selling of the proverbial soul as it is, just to give the ‘black man’ one more term.  It really shines a light on how easily lead we are as a race.

In the end what makes me worry that when the next black nominee for president comes along Black America will blindly vote and follow even it said nominee drives the nation off a cliff.  And what will Black America do when the country falls apart under said man’s leadership, expect to be coddled and bailed out of course.  What will be truly sad is the sense of betrayal many of them will feel when their ‘great black hope’ fails to save them from the fires of their own folly.

5 ways we ruined the Occupy Wall Street Generation.

I saw this article while i was cruising the Internet.  What frightens me is that this truthful and almost thought-provoking article was written at  You’d think that something like this would come from the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times.  But it truly appears now that only parody news websites like this can produce anything of value.