Episcopalian Church on Easter Sunday.

This past Easter Sunday i decided to go to church with my friend Tara.  Tara’s car had broken down some time ago and she really wanted to go to Easter Service so I agreed to take her.  Due to some other things coming up we went to the 11 AM service.  I had decided to go with her and stay for the service mainly out of curiosity.  To be honest i don’t attend church that often any more.  I don’t know why, but i go when i feel the need or my conscience gets in my case enough.

I have to admit i enjoyed the service.  I had at first thought that we were going to a Catholic church, mainly because i had no idea what kind of denomination Tara was other then it was similar to the Catholic religion.  But the Episcopal Church is quite literally a faith that broke away from the Roman Catholic faith during the formation of the Church of England.  So they basically stripped a lot of the traditions and other things from their idea of the faith.  You might say they mixed Baptist beliefs with Catholic beliefs and came out with some thing that is neither but both a the same time.

In the end i have decided that i will probably go back next Sunday.  Suffice to say i felt very welcome at the church and since i enjoyed the quiet sermon and people i kind of feel compelled to go back again.  But next time i think I’ll bring a camera with me.  The architecture inside that church is sweet!

Around the Corner…

So earlier today I went to check on my parent’s place because they are out of town.  After checking on the house I was heading home and at the intersection i saw the Taco Bell and decided to stop and get a quick bite to eat.  Well that turned into something different.

I parked in the parking lot of Prime Sirloin, a buffet restaurant i used to work at.  Its been closed for at least eight years now and I suddenly felt a sense of nostalgia,  so i walked around the old restaurant and peeked into the widows and noted how the place still looked as it did when i worked there.  Feeling my nostalgia needs had been met, i walked over to the Taco Bell to get something to eat.  As i walked through the parking lot i saw a black man with three young kids.  A girl and two boys.  I’d say the kids were ages 4 to 6 at best.

When the father noticed me looking at him and his kids i smiled and asked him if all three kids were his.   A married man of any race with three kids feels so rare nowadays so i felt the need to ask him in order to start a conversation that i hoped would end quickly.  After he confirmed that all three kids were his, he asked me if i had any children  I told him that sadly i didn’t, i was 35 and didn’t see much hope that i would marry and have children due to my financial situation.

He told me not to give up and told how at 33 he got married and began having children later.  he told me he had been homeless and on drugs up until that point, but he had found God, and God had blessed him with a good marriage and three children.  He told me i could do the same but i had to first be patient with God.  He told me that God does everything in His own time and that i should be as patient with God as He is with me.  I realized that the man was right.  I hadn’t been patient with God and i needed to be.  If i believed that God would help me then all i had to do is wait.

We talked a little more and we both came to realize that to a certain extent God had set up this meeting so we could receive a blessing from it.  It made me realize that God is still working on me and is still quite patient.

harmonic convergence and individuality

I was listening to Coast to Coast AM last night and once again George has some ‘tard on as a guest who felt that in 2012 the world would go through a harmonic convergence and 70% percent of the planet would suddenly evolve to a higher conscience and way of thinking.  Bullshit!!  Once caller summed up this ludicrous idea perfectly.  The caller wanted to know if Americans would be the ones to have a severe problem with the harmonic convergence because we cling so deeply to our individuality.  You got that right you stupid, commie hippie, bastard!

This is what scares me about humanity.  We have a ever growing group of fools who seem to think tha the only way for mankind to become a better, more evolved species is but becoming a hive-mind like intelligence.  That individuality is too costly, dull, and detrimental to society and the human race as a whole.  In other word these assholes wanna end up like the Borg or the Daleks.  But they don’t see it that way.  What they want to see is peace, happiness and a end to their own hardship and suffering in life.  In other words they want to commit suicide but don’t have the guts.  They want some cosmic event to change the world for them and our souls be damned is o.k. just so long as they get to see Utopia before they die!

The absence of free will, individualty, and our overall humanity is not good, it is not a positive form of evolution!  It is wrong, it is evil, and most of all it is not HUMAN!

Tasha is back.

I sat and thought about it all ever since she left.  Three days ago she called me.  I ignored the phone call at first, but i had a really bad feeling that something was wrong.  I thought about her call the entire day.  I tried convincing myself that she probably just wanted to chat.  After all we had talked that day and she knew how i felt.  But then i realized something.  No matter what i would always be her friend.  And maybe…just maybe, she needed me right now.  And i was being selfish in some ways.

So at 6 p.m. I e-mailed her.  She called me back almost immediately.  She told me what was going on.  She had been in tears because of some incident.  I quietly cursed myself for my stupidity and selfishness.  NEVER AGAIN!  I will never do such a thing AGAIN.  She had really needed me and i had pussied out.

I listened and advised, but most of all i listened.  I let her get everything she needed off of her chest.  I realize what a terrible person i have been.  Yes…I won’t be visiting for perhaps a long time…but still I am her friend.  And i find myself loving her as a friend now.

God has never abandoned me, even though right now i’m being a real asshole.  And i claim tobe a Christian, but at that moment I realized just how wrong i had been.  God is my friend and he hasn’t abandoned me, so why did i even contemplate abandoning Tasha?  Because i was so hurt and i wanted…maybe i needed to walk away.  But i can’t abandon her as a friend.  After all i am one of the good guys!

Deathwatch Ministry…

I met a man of the Death Watch the other day,

He told me it was his ministry.

To each hospital he goes to pray,

To watch over the living and dying every day.

What more to this can i say, other then for this man’s continued health and strength, i do for pray,

For when i first met him that other day, to his niece’s side, for the death watch he was going.

Because she would never see the sunrise of the next day.

I felt like doing a bit of poetry.  I met Rev. Lee on Monday as i was doing my paper route.  He told me his story and i was moved.  It also made me feel bad because i had had a hard time facing my grandmothers death.  She died of Alzheimer’s disease.  But while i don’t envy this man’s ministry, i do envy his strength.  i don’t think I’d have to heart to do what he does.


Ohhhh Gawd…

Fred Thompson has just announced that he is dropping out of the race. GODDAMNIT!!! Yes I’m sorry for cursing but I feel its all up shit creek now. Thompson was one of the few decent conservatives we had in this race.

So where do we go from here? Rudy? Or maybe Mitt? Just about all the choices suck!