What #GamerGate Means to a Black Gamer

Finally a brother is speaking out on this!!


Hi there. Black Gamer here (more on this later). I’ve spent my entire life playing games. I’ve played as Black dudes, White dudes, Black girls, White girls, and all colors in between. I’ve never been the type to look into a deeper meaning with games (for the most part) simply because they’re an escape from real life and an opportunity to visit worlds that were once impossible to visit. From saving the Galaxy as Commander Shepard, advancing on the enemy nexus on Summoners Rift, to constantly getting C- teammate scores in NBA 2K, I’ve played all sorts of games.

Growing up, I was primarily a Nintendo gamer. I was subscribed to Nintendo Power and would wait eagerly for the next great issue to come into the mailbox. It might have been my impressionable mind as a kid, but I always had the idea that Nintendo made the best games and make…

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The female photographer

The female photographer

Okay i have to admit the reason I’m reblogging this is because i found it funny. Also as a gamer and nudist i found it to be interesting.

the sl naturist

photographer1 photographer2

I’ve not been contributing much lately. If you’re an SL regular, you’ll know that feeling. Sometimes RL simply swamps you. And ‘swamp’ is an appropriate word!

You might have read Ella’s postings on the storms that have battered the UK in recent weeks. I was ‘victim’ to them, although I thankfully got off much lighter than many others. Our garage, set on the hill to the side of our house, was flooded, and we did lose electricity to our house for several days and some of our ‘white goods’ (our freezer, washing machine and tumble drier) were all lost to the water, alongside much of the remainder of the contents of the garage…lawnmower, etc.

Anyway, life goes on.

diane camera_001bdiane camera2_001bdiane camera3_001b

The house is largely back to normal now, and SL time can return 🙂 Hoorah!

The only ‘upside’ to the flooding around us (we’ve not been affected this last, awful week) is…

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Review of Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

I got my hands on the newest Castlevania title for the Nintendo DS, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.  I haven’t been waiting with baited breath for this game but i have been itching to get my hands on a new Castlevania title since i found out about the fighting game called Catlevania: Judgment.  So here is my review of the game:

Plot: taking place sometime after the events in Symphony of the Night, the Belmont clan has disappeared and several groups have appeared to pick up the slack.  One of these is a group called the Order of Ecclesia who have created a powerful weapon to destroy Dracula, a powerful glyph call Domina, who they plan to implant on one of their greatest warriors, a woman known as Shanoa.  During the ceremony, Albus, a member of the Order, interrupts and steals Domina during the binding ceremony.  This leave Shanoa with amnesia and no emotions.  Three weeks later she is sent by the leader of the Order to hunt down Albus and return Domina.

Game Mechanics: OOE returns to some of the Castlevania roots by using a two-handed weapon system via SOFTN.  Instead of weapons such as swords, whips, and cudgels; Shonoa uses gylphs.  These glyphs are basically magical symbols which Shanoa can absorb onto her skin and they resemble tattoos.  Shanoa can equip one or two glyphs onto her right and left arms.  She can also use a technique called “Glyph Union” which allows her to combine glyphs for a special effect or weapon for a moment.  The glyphs use MP and the Union uses hearts.  Thankfully the MP meter quickly refills, making it more of a stamina meter then a magic meter.  In another take from other games such as Curse of Darkness and Simon’s Quest, you don’t start out at Dracula’s infamous castle but instead you travel across the land, entering towns and certain areas where you fight generic monsters and bosses.  Glyphs appear from defeating enemies or in statues or treasure chests.  You can leave a stage at anytime just by walking back to the start point and even go back to previous areas to pick up new items, shop, or just refill your health at a save point.

Graphics: The graphics of this game are pretty good.  The backgrounds are much more interesting then the last two outings but still there is a bland repetitiveness that does creep in after a while.

Music: Need I say it?  The music has a bold feel and quality to it.  Instead of the usual jazzy, hard rockfest that kinda depresses, much of the music I’ve heard so far is upbeat in a Castlevania sort of way.  I may get the soundtrack for this game.

Final Thoughts: I’m glad they finally put a woman as the lead in a Castlevania game and they did a great job.  They only problem i had is they made her another stereotype.  Shanoa is an emotionless doll, with all the sex appeal of Rei Ayanami.  But i must admit, its a refreshing change from silver-haired, androgynous emo-fags that they’ve been putting out as of late

So what’s up now?

Not much.  I went to my cousin JJ’s wedding on Saturday.  I’ve done nothing but work and play video games.  Well i also went job hunting.  I tried out for PTI and for the post office.  I’m not expecting much from either but it may be the best deal i’ve got.  I need a second job.  I need one badly.  I really want the job with PTI though because i want to travel.  And PTi will alow me to do that.  Other then that I have my PS2 back from Mike so I’ve been playing MegaMan X Collection just for the hell of it.  I also just bought a used copy of Outrun 2006 Coast to Coast.  Now i love this game and the music is tight.  But i’m still playing X6 so i’ll try to finish that as quickly as possible so I get back to OR2006.  Unless i get too caught up in Megaman Battle & Chase which is quickly becoming a fun game.


Sonic Whiners.

I’ve been looking for the song played during on of the Sonic Unleashed trailers.  The song is called “Endless Possibilities”.  I finally found a recording of it.  Its a great song and i’m gonna burn it soon.  But what I also found was a lot of whining and complaining, numerous forums about STH games and so many people whining about what they hate about the last 10 years of Sonic games.  Weather its the music, graphics, or gameplay.  Personally, I’ve only seriously disliked 3 sonic games over the years, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Advance 3, and Sonic 3D Blast.  I give Sonic Heroes a C rating because it was O.k..  BUt the major complaint I hear from some of these so-called Sonic fans is:  Where’s the speed, why can’t they be fast like the Genesis days?  They can do that.  In fact they could go back and make good ole’ fashioned 2D games like Sonic 3.  Then would these people stop bitching like spoiled, whiney children?  In fact they have made such games.  The Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush series both have a lot of speed in them  But the big boy systems can’t simply just make a pure speed game, there is no use in creating a game that simple since it wouldn’t work well with the system.  Personally i’m happy with what i’ve seen so far from Sonic Unleashed.  I hope to see alot more.


Prey and Painkiller: Overdose

Well the main reason i hadn’t written in so long (other then just forgetting and being busy) is the first person shooters (FPS) Painkiller: Overdose and Prey.  I’ll get straight to the point.  Painkiller: OD was a waste of about twenty dollars plus.  The game was buggy and the graphics were crappy.  I bought the game because i had heard so many great things about the previous games Painkiller and Painkiller: Bound for Hell.  But PK: OD is total crap!  I really can’t figure out why the game producers let something so buggy get out.  I actually had to go to the site of a anonymous gamer who created a patch for the game just so i could play past the fourth stage without the game crashing, and in turn crashing my computer.  Hint, hint asshats!  If someone who buys your game has to go to a third person with no credentials to fix your game then you suck and you need to turn in your game programming permit!  I finally beat the game after dealing with it’s flaws for more then a week.  I had to use some cheat codes though.  Thankfully “Prey” was a lot better.  The game was just short, it took me less then four days to beat it and the total time i played the game was only nine hours plus the ending.  But the graphics, music and voice talent was great.  They even had Art Bell from Coast to Coast AM do some voice acting.  It was so cool!  But i digress it is 1 a.m. and I need some sleep.  Well Good night all!


Dreaming My Way Home…

I’ve been listening to this song a number of times since i burned it onto a CD. I haven’t had a song truly move me in a while but this song has done so. It kinda makes me angry that it moves me so much. But it does. It brings back a lot of good, sad memories. Its funny because the song fits the ending of Final Fantasy XII better then Rouge Galaxy. Which is where i thought i had it from. But i’ve been listening to it on and off all day today and it’s made me cry at least once. It brings back a lot of good memories with Stacey and even some with Sarah. *sigh*


NiGHTs: Journey Into Dreams.

Yes people you are reading my post correctly! NiGHTs is back! The game that lead me to dream of flying when i was a kid has come back into the world of gaming with a beautiful sequel! Its coming out on the Wii so it seems I’ve made my decision about what gaming system I am going to buy!! Just look it up on the ‘Net to find out more info but the screenshots do not do this game of legends justice!!!


MegaMan ZX Advent Review!

Yeah!! This my first video game review so I’m kinda pumped!!

Ok I just picked up the game last week. And i actually beat it four days after it came out, which is the day i got it. This game is good. It gets rid of a lot of the frustrations that the previous game had, especially the mapping system and the e-crystal upgrading system! (thank god) Ok! Time to review!!


Taking place about 2 years after MegaMan ZX. We are introduced to two new characters Ashe, a human female hunter; and Grey, a young reploid male who has amnesia. They discover they can MEGAmerge with a the Biometal known as BioMetal Model A. And they become MegaMan Model A in what seems to be the final battle between the other MegaMen Models and Model W.


Gameplay is basically just as it was with the first game. Side-scrolling with a small amount of Metriod style open ended gameplay. But the game itself is quite linear. You can’t just choose a stage and make a go of it, just like with the previous games the abilities you get from bosses help you advance through the game as well as keycards and such. One of the new features though is the abilities of the two characters. Ashe has a high rate of fire but her firepower is weaker. She shoots a thin piercing laser that rebounds off walls. Her homing shot is just one laser blast that bounces off multiple targets. Grey has a stronger weapon but with a slower rate of fire with a standard buster charged shot and his homing laser is multiple lasers homing in on their targets. As with the last game when you beat a boss you get a new form. But as a plus you battle not only the Pseudonoids but also the other models from previous games. Model A gives Ashe and Grey the ability to take the physical forms, movements and weapons of their defeated enemies. This adds for a some neat little innovations in game play but they seems to be utterly useless against most of the bosses and you’ll be stuck using Model A and ZX. The world is divided into stages which have four sections each. Each section is divided by doors and has a warp point as a marker. Unlike with the first game where you may have to wander through an entire stage to get from point A to point B. Transservers which allow you to teleport out of a stage and the warp points allow you to teleport via transserver to any warp point that has been activated anywhere on the world map. But you need 100 energy crystals (EC) to activate the point. Sadly you still cannot evac after you’ve cleared a stage. You still have to find and activate a transserver in order to leave a stage. Thankfully the maps are now a lot more detailed and can actually guide you. You also no longer need EC to upgrade your biometals. The touch screen is barely used but i think thats a good thing.


This game has upped the difficulty level a lot. This game can easily become frustrating in just a few minutes with the stages filled with bottomless pits, enemies that regenerate once their position is off screen, and no real advantage when you first start off. It took me three hours to defeat the first two bosses because my life bar was so small and i had no sub tanks. The boss battles require no real strategy though. You just memorize patterns and try to dodge attacks. The stages can become a chore because if you lose all your lives on one stage you start back from the last transserver you saved on. Not any point in the stage itself.


Oh the graphics in this game are beautiful. I wish they would do something more about the androgyny of the characters, but now Ashe has a long ponytail, and Grey has two cables sticking from his back. Beautiful waterfalls and dark caves are all part of wondrous backgrounds and foregrounds. Stages such as mining caves, temples under waterfalls, and dark, mysterious labs are some of the locals you’ll be visiting. The game also has some in-house anime shorts which look pretty good considering its a DS system.


The music is face-paced and well done. It fits the game perfectly. But for me i can’t see myself buying the sound track anytime soon. They now have english voice actors, but unfortunately it sounds terrible. Every jump has a character going, “Ha, heh, ow!” it becomes monotonous and annoying. They also seem to speak too fast or sound totally dull because the actors don’t seem to care or emote properly. The dialog is predictable, overdone, and melodramatic to the point where you want to skip it because it sounds so pathetic.


I am a MegaMan fan. Always have been, always will be. But while i have avoided the EXE series. I will always love the original format. This game has great replay value which is rare in a DS game in general. I’ve heard some complain about the plot is rehashed or it’s the same old tired formula. I say stick with what works. It has worked for 20 years and is still gong strong. While i wish they would tweak a few elements i think the game is solid for all intents and purposes.