Some more about my life.

Well i need something to do in between video games and nothing else to do, so i am going to write in my blog.

So about my earlier post.  Time to expand i guess.  To make it easy, the medicine i take to keep my blood sugar under control also gives me some mild form of diarrhea.  So yesterday i was sitting on the toilet for the third time in about a hour and all of a sudden its like I’m pissing out of my anus.  Its happened before and it is not a great feeling.  But it does make for some curiosity from a certain standpoint.  So you’re like wondering, “IS this what it feels like for a woman to take a piss?”  Thankfully “pissing out a shit” doesn’t happen very often and so far there isn’t much i can do medication-wise so i am kinda stuck.  But its better then doing injections.

My job.  Like I said before in another post I am starting to hate working with black people, even though i am black myself.  My mother says that the types of people jobs in fast food attract would generally clash with someone like myself.  It’s funny because 10 years ago i would have felt right at home with the people i am working with now.  But now all i feel is a sense of annoyance with many of them.  They are immature, loud, and crude.  They are nosy and can’t seem to take a hint.  I am not interested in being a member of their ‘happy family’.  All I am interested in is doing my job well, going home, and collecting my paycheck every two weeks.  The sad thing is I am constantly told that I am too slow in putting together the biscuits so the general manager feels that I am not suited for the job.  But i am truly trying my best.  Maybe I’m not cut out to do what I’m doing back there.  But i am still going to try to stick with it.  Why?  Because i realize what a annoying little cunt i used to be back when i was in my 20’s.  I see so much of what people used to say about my behavior back then, but i couldn’t see it.  Maybe this is karma.  Or maybe God is giving me a good lesson before i move on to something better.  So for now I am there.  On another note though i may be getting a job at the new Texas Roadhouse that will be opening in August.  I pray i do get the job there as a dishwasher.  I washed dishes for much of my working life when i was younger and i was always good at it.  So i may as well go back to it.  Hopefully in August I’ll get the job.

Family and Home.  Well my family is doing good.  They are all healthy and happy.  That’s a good thing.  My house is still standing.  So that’s a good thing too.  But things are different.  I went out and bought some wash and dish cloths for the house a couple of weeks ago and so far i am quite pleased with them.  I should have done this years ago but i was lazy, forgetful and didn’t spend my money very well either.  Now that I have the extra cash I will spend it much more wisely.  I will buy things to make my life better.

My Health.  Blood Sugar is doing well.  I am sleeping well at night.  Beyond anything else i am fine.

Naturism.  Well i am still nude around the house as much as I can be.  Its the one thing i miss now that i have work to do.  I am still holding out for a chance to go to a naturist resort some time this summer.  But with work and some money issues I may not be able to do it.  We’ll see.

Also by the way i turned 38 July 16th.


With everything that has happened to me in the last few weeks I’ve come to realize something. I know a lot about getting older but nothing about being old or getting old. I realize I’m 30 now. But i feel so out of place, miserable and behind. I have to change that. I need to start writing again. Maybe that is the reason i feel the way I do. Because i have no true accomplishments. Just bills, no place of my own, and some misery. I need to change all of that now!