Paper and Kim Kardashian and whores.

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Lets just face this fact first.  The recent photo shoot of Kim Kardashian isn’t about Kim and her ass, its about the magazine called Paper, who I’m willing to bet that other then myself no one knew about outside of the New York City.  The Kardashian shoot was the first I had ever heard of this magazine.  So it is obvious that Paper is trying to keep itself relevant and they have done a great job by posting a semi-nude spread of one of Generation Y’s favorite whores.

I came upon this revelation as i looked at a variety of these pictures and the comments.  Quite literally every American generation and every American Decade going back to the 50’s and maybe even the 40’s had their own whore.  A woman who defied conventional stereotypes of women and how they should behave by acting sexy or being very sexual.  Madonna and Ally McBeal were the ‘whores’ of my generation and now Gen Y has a slew of them; Miley Cyrus, Brittany Spears and so on.  Hell we’ve even divided them by race, with Nicki Minaji as Black Gen Y’s ‘whore/slut’.  They all have the same MO though, show as much flesh, talk about having as much sex, and create as much controversy as possible.  And while we revile, marvel, and lust after them one thing will never change, they are all doing it for money, not for a cause, which is what makes them what I call them, whores, not icons of the cause of femininity or  female sexuality.


P.S.  The picture of the black female in the same pose as Kim is actually the original idea for the pose that Kim is doing.  The pictures was taken back in 1985-86.  And the photographer of Kim just rehashed his masterpiece with Kim for this shoot.

What am i missing?

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DAMNIT!!  As i write this i find myself quietly trying to contain the anger I have at myself.  I still can’t figure out what I’m missing, but i think I’m close.  The pictures posted above are from a tumbler called p0ire.   I’ve looked at his work over the last year and had such jealously in my heart.  His pictures always seemed to be better then mine and i was frustrated because i felt i couldn’t achieve what he had.  Looking at some of the newest pictures that he posted today i get the feeling that I now know what I was missing.  It’s hard to describe, but it has something to do with the models themselves and the pictures.  The pictures are in black and white and look as if they were taken with some old camera and then scanned.  But there is such beauty and art in them.  I’m sure I’m missing something.  I’m so close i can smell it!  I’m so frustrated…if only i could find what it is and put it into words.

When you think God may have answered you.

A few minutes ago i was sitting here at the computer and i got up, thinking about the fact that several people had just liked my posts and maybe even some of my photos.  I was very happy about it but I saw the pictures n their blogs and i was sad because i don’t think I’m as good as they are.  I walked to my door and opened it.  I was thinking about going outside to take some pictures of the moon.  And i was also thinking.  I want to be a better photographer and writer.  I want to be as good as the people who have liked and followed my posts here on this blog.  And that’s when this thought went through my mind, “God wants the same thing for you William, you just need to get off your butt and do it.  You have the time now, don’t give up.”

I was amazed that such a thought came to me.  But i realized just how much of my life i had put off because of that damned paper route.  I know I’m repeating myself but it seems that this needs repeating.  I need to get a job that allows time for me to pursue the things i want in life.  I can find a way to make money, have a good life, and enjoy said life as well.  All i have to do is look for it and try to achieve it.  Well it’s time to get to work!!

Picture angst.

As i was updating the blog and trying to make it better looking, i decided to look up some images for the headers.  I wanted to post a well done nude of a black woman for the naturist page.  I figured it would be simple, no fuss, no muss.  Boy was i wrong.  I spent more then a total of ten hours over a three day period trying to find one decent picture and i couldn’t find one.  I finally settled on the picture you see on the page now but that was all i could find.

I have come to the conclusion that nude blackness is not accepted nor is it seen as popular or interesting in the art world.  I found a few pics of semi nude black men but they all seemed to be of a urban variety and it quickly became obvious that almost no one was going to go below the waist with any of the black males.  I have to laugh at something so pathetic.  Are we that scared of the penis of a black male.  Is his girth and length so massive and impressive that we can’t look at the art in the picture without looking at his genitals and feeling inadequate or feeling a sense of awe at how “big” a black male is between the legs?  I really wanna yell “GET OVER IT!!!  ITS A PENIS, NOT A DEITY!”

As a bisexual male I’ve seen a number of penises up close and personal and to be quite honest, while impressed in some cases the ultimate realization is that you really can’t enjoy a large penis.  Don’t let the porn fool you, it’s not very comfortable in the least.  You girls have no idea how lucky you are.  At least you can truly enjoy a large penis for all it’s worth.  On the plus side though this has encouraged me to post some pictures of male genitalia for the sake of art of course.

What to do next??

I am fucking frustrated right now.  I guess because i’ve been sitting at home all day.  I’m short on money.  But most of all I’m frustrated about the last shoot.  Nothing looks great to me.  And so far two people seem to think that CeeCee is my girlfriend.  God i get so pissed when someone says that!!!

So i’m sitting here editing some of the pics to see what I can do.  I’ve pretty much discovered what i had suspected all along.  The pictures look much more artisitic in black and white instead of color.  I fact they look much better and even more vibrant in B&W!

So now I’m at a crossroads.  I’m wondering if I should just give up, or should i seek more help.  I think I’ll go to a photography forum and ask for help and opinions.

Pictures…from days gone by.

What really hurts about some of these pictures is I start to wonder if i was happier back then in those days then I am now. If i was happier then that means…i just don’t want to talk about that now…

But here they are. Pictures that i took for a photography class back when i was about 9 years younger. Please forgive how horrible some of them look.

These are pictures of a girl named Adrinna. She was my first nude. And i thought she was beautiful in so many ways. I remember now…I had a lot of fun but I was also nervous as Hell. Be warned, some nudity ahead:

adrinna0000.jpg adrinna0001.jpg adrinna0002.jpg adrinna0003.jpg

The final two pics, for this post anyway. The last picture is some of my best work with nudes, at that time, in my opinion.

adrinna0007.jpg adrinna0008.jpg

Well…tell me what you think. I guess…