Hurting but Happy.

Well since Saturday night i have had a very sore back.  Its been hard to move and pain pills only do so much.  I can barely find a comfortable position to sleep in.  But i have good news.  I got a job working at Hardees.  So in a few days i start working and I’ll make $7.75 an hour.  I’ll be working from 4 AM to maybe 12 noon.  Sounds good to me, i need the extra money.

Sonic Whiners.

I’ve been looking for the song played during on of the Sonic Unleashed trailers.  The song is called “Endless Possibilities”.  I finally found a recording of it.  Its a great song and i’m gonna burn it soon.  But what I also found was a lot of whining and complaining, numerous forums about STH games and so many people whining about what they hate about the last 10 years of Sonic games.  Weather its the music, graphics, or gameplay.  Personally, I’ve only seriously disliked 3 sonic games over the years, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Advance 3, and Sonic 3D Blast.  I give Sonic Heroes a C rating because it was O.k..  BUt the major complaint I hear from some of these so-called Sonic fans is:  Where’s the speed, why can’t they be fast like the Genesis days?  They can do that.  In fact they could go back and make good ole’ fashioned 2D games like Sonic 3.  Then would these people stop bitching like spoiled, whiney children?  In fact they have made such games.  The Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush series both have a lot of speed in them  But the big boy systems can’t simply just make a pure speed game, there is no use in creating a game that simple since it wouldn’t work well with the system.  Personally i’m happy with what i’ve seen so far from Sonic Unleashed.  I hope to see alot more.