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I had almost forgotten about this little shindig due to the fact that I was supposed to be folding papers at the time.  That’s the reason this post is at 1:25 am east coast time.  I watched the entire two hours without pause and I was impressed (somewhat) with the truthfulness of both men.  Pastor Rick Warren put these men on the spot and kept them on it.  Now i’ll be truthful with you.  Obama came straight out and said he was pro-choice and alluded to the fact that he would limit partial birth abortion unless the mother’s life was in danger.  I still shuddered.  McCain said he was pro-life.  Turth be told Obama spoke out against a law that would protect a child of a late term abortion if it was born still alive.  Simply put he voted against a law that basically said that the “aborted” child would receive medical attention.  So the baby would still be alive, but left to die.

I have a hard time even typing this without being sick on my stomach.  Obama is the only black man on the planet that i know of who would say, “Oh killing a live baby is o.k. if it’s a medical procedure.  I’m sorry folks i cannot vote for Obama.  I can’t.  I wouldn’t care if he was straight from the hood and as black as midnight I just can’t do it.  And if McCain has voted in anyway similiar then I don’t think i can vote for him either.  Now i am still i mpressed that both men spoke truthfully.  Although Obama, waffled and dodged a good bit.  When they hold the debates in late October we need to hold them in a megachurch because I think it will help drag the truth out of both men.  Now excuse me i have to hold my food down…