Starting Over again.

I’ve been thinking about it and maybe I’ll just restart Naturism for People of Color here on WordPress.  I hate to do so but i spent part of today searching for another site to start over on.  So far Weebly has been a bust due the difficulty of posting pictures and just posting in general.  I came to realize yesterday that Weebly is a site used to build websites, not blogs which is why its so difficult to put a picture in a blog post.  The site is set up to make everything quick and easy for site builders, not bloggers.  So I have been looking around and found basically copies of Weebly as far as blog sites go.  There is tumblr, which is okay but not very good with photos in my opinion.  Next is Blogger, via Google.  Blogger is nice but once again posting pictures in a good format is difficult.  I’ll keep searching for right now but as for now the site on Weebly will probably be deleted soon.  Its not worth using if I can’t do what i need to do.

Naturism for People of Color has been suspended.

I just found out today when i was trying to log on to deal with comments and such.  I have no idea why it was suspended, but apparently I am not the only one since another friend of mine, Guy without Boxers, was also suspended.  I’ve sent a report asking why, but it may be a while before any response is given.  So for now I need to be careful, since i have no idea what got me suspended, I’ll have to wait and not post anything with nudity in it.  If the suspension is not lifted I’ll start the blog over somewhere else.

added Note:  If anyone needs to contact me they can do so at  Sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused

Well I have some good news.

Just got the call from the doctors office a few minutes ago.  Every thing is good.  It’s nothing but some fluid surrounding both testicles.  Nothing to get upset about.  But the nurse could not elaborate as to how long each day I am supposed to be wearing the athletic support gear (jockstrap).  But what i was told is I do not have to take those pills every day, ONLY when i have pain or tenderness in that area!  So the pills are heading to the medicine cabinet tonight, YEAY!  Beyond that i just have to wait and hope i hear from the doctor about this jockstrap thing.  For now I’ll just call it a athletic support gear or ASG.  But thank God nothing was seriously wrong with.  Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support.

Ultrasounds and Jockstraps.

So today i went to the Diagnostics place and got a ultrasound on my testicles.  I was wondering how this was going to be done and all.  Turns out its the same thing as women go through. The ultrasound technician was female and she gave me some instructions.  A rolled up towel underneath my scrotum and one to cover up my penis.  All i had to do was just drop my pants.  So I lay down on some bed without any pants on (i forgot to wear underwear, force of habit), put the towels in the proper positions  and then she put some gel on the ultrasound scanner and spent five minutes or more per testicle.  The technician wouldn’t give me a diagnosis or even tell me what she was seeing.  SHE instead told me that the radiologist would contact my doctor afterwards.  Well that wasn’t very helpful, after she was done I put my pants and left.

Well i decided to get the jockstraps today.  I was expecting this to be easy but it wasn’t.  I went to 7 different stores and the mall.  Took me two hours to find a jockstrap that wasn’t some overpriced male strippers g-string for 15 dollars a pair.  I went to Wal-Mart and found one pair for 5 dollars.  FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS FOR ONE PAIR!  I am not fucking kidding you.  Pissed me off but i bought three of them and i am wearing one now.  Almost feels like I’m wear a fucking g-string.  And the real problem is that underwear companies no longer make jockstraps, its all of these sports companies now like Wilson or Nike.  I actually went online and this is some of the crap i found.

Do the words ‘fuck’ and ‘no’ hold any meaning for you?  They do for me.  No way in hell I am I wearing any of that crap.  The closest thing i could find for what i wanted was this: A real normal jockstrap  and yeah its 24 dollars for one fucking pair.  My god no one actually makes jockstraps any more except intimate men’s apparel shops and sports companies!  The world is officially fucked up!  Well there is one good thing about these Wilson’s athletic supporter I’m wearing, there’s no cloth in the back so i can go take a shit without having to take these things off!  Yeay….

Nudism and Sexuality.

Well i need to come out and speak about this.  I have to admit I’m scared to go to the nudist forum and speak on this because I don’t want to austricize myself from the forum.

I still do associate nudism and sex together.  And goddamnit i don’t feel I should feel fucking bad about it.  Yes i still think a naked woman is one of the sexiest things on earth, and yes I still react.  Geez!!  And i constantly feel like i should hide myself or feel ashamed.  Yes i am still a nudist and yes i still enjoy the nude lifestyle but i feel hassled and maligned in so many ways when i hear nudist talk about nudity and sexuailty being linked together as if it’s the ultimate evil!

I loved seeing my ex, Stacey take off her clothes, she was beautiful to me,  weather she was clothed or naked.  I guess that’s why i still view sexuality and nudity in the same boat.  Now don’t get me wrong I’m not going to a resort with a constant erection.  But i feel just as persecuted in some ways if i did.  I just don’t know how to make this better, and maybe i’m tired of the whole deal.  Just live my life the way i choose.


Nude on the Job 2

Well I’ve been at it again for the last four days, driving around doing my job in an oversized T-shirt. The novelty has kinda worn off until i knew it was going to rain today and i really, really wanted to feel the rain on my bare skin. I was tempted to take off my t-shirt and do my stops totally in the buff. But considering it was past 5 a.m. when i was able to start my route i decided not to, plus the rain was damn cold! It seems like the weather at night around here is going to be humid and rainy for a couple of more days, maybe I’ll get that chance to feel warm rain on my skin for once.