The female photographer

The female photographer


Okay i have to admit the reason I’m reblogging this is because i found it funny. Also as a gamer and nudist i found it to be interesting.

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I’ve not been contributing much lately. If you’re an SL regular, you’ll know that feeling. Sometimes RL simply swamps you. And ‘swamp’ is an appropriate word!

You might have read Ella’s postings on the storms that have battered the UK in recent weeks. I was ‘victim’ to them, although I thankfully got off much lighter than many others. Our garage, set on the hill to the side of our house, was flooded, and we did lose electricity to our house for several days and some of our ‘white goods’ (our freezer, washing machine and tumble drier) were all lost to the water, alongside much of the remainder of the contents of the garage…lawnmower, etc.

Anyway, life goes on.

diane camera_001bdiane camera2_001bdiane camera3_001b

The house is largely back to normal now, and SL time can return :) Hoorah!

The only ‘upside’ to the flooding around us (we’ve not been affected this last, awful week) is…

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The true movement behind Third Wave Feminism?

After i wrote my last post i received a couple of well written comments.  One of the comments indicated that Third Wave Feminism is more a a cobbling of different agendas rather then a true next gen feminism movement.  Most of the agendas are basically from the Transgender community.  And i have to admit the commenter was right.  In a number of feminist blogs, twitter feeds, and tumblrs i have seen an increasing about of verbiage and descriptions from the so called ‘gender fluid’ community.  For those of you who are scratching your heads there is a movement on the internet that has picked up steam into the real world, the people behind that movement literally want to wipe the concrete foundations of gender.  No more he or she, just non-gender nouns and pronouns.  Really ludicrous stuff in my opinion.

So what does this mean.  Basically it means the third wave movement may be getting slowly taken over or already has been taken over by these people.  Whats so funny is that I’ve heard rumblings by a number of feminists who are against the idea of transgenders and gender fluid/queer types pushing into the movement.  Basically they believe the feminist movement is for women not people who decide to remain genderless, attempt to change their genders via surgery, or simply mentally change their genders on a whim.

Still though a part of me sees these agendas as dangerous and harmful to women ultimately.  Just my couple of cents for the moment.

Third Wave lunacy.

Well folks for those of you who don’t know about there is a third wave of feminism.  And it is mostly taking place on the internet.  And some of the worst women on the planet are having their say.

All Sex and Relationships with males is Rape

Yeah that link above is the ‘too long; didn’t read’ version for those of you who need it or have ADHD/ADD like me.  This female must be some kind of man-hating lesbian with some serious issues.  Perhaps some trauma from her childhood?  I’ve been seeing this stuff on tumblr and WordPress for a while now and maybe it’s time for me to start actually saying something about this kind of tripe.  To comment on this simply, this chick is nuts.

Your opinions are welcome.

It’s a New Year

Starting off the New Year of 2014 with more posts about things i see going on in my life.  And maybe a little more truth about my life as well.  MAYBE.  Some times i wonder if telling all my personal business is worth it.


But happy New Year everyone and its time to start writing again!

A vacation with my newborn nephew.

So on the 23rd of this month i went to Ohio with my parents to visit my brother and his wife.  My sister-in-law Joi had recently given birth to a 9 pound, 4 ounce baby boy named Grant.  He was actually a week late so he was nicknamed Turtle by his grandmothers.  ^_^

He’s a handsome kid, who likes to sleep, eat, poop, and then sleep some more.  I had a great time with my family and we made it back on Friday evening.  I have to admit i enjoyed holding Grant so much, and when he would open his eyes and look at us he would always have the almost bewildered look on his face as if he’s trying to figure out who we are and why we are there.  We are truly blessed to have this addition to our family.

DSC_0029 DSC_0197 DSC_0182 DSC_0138

The Cold and the Clothed.

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Well its that…time of year again.  Last night it was 37 degrees around 2 AM.  I was in my safe, warm bed of course.  But over the last 2 weeks I’ve had to make a decision as to whether to weather the cold or make some changes.  To be honest i can’t afford the high cost of heating gas this winter so I have to look at reality and decide that i may actually have to put on some clothes this winter.  In all truth i really don’t have a choice.  This house is old and it gets cold quickly  and then it takes forever to warm it up.  So looking at news articles that say the price of heating a home may go up 30% in some states i have to look at what is most cost effective.  Running two old gas heaters on high?  or putting on some…

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I may have one last chance…maybe

I’ve always wanted to wonder around outside in the nude.  I’ve managed to sneak outside a few times but never really enjoyed the moment.  Most of the time i would site on the steps of my back door and smoke a cigarette.  And yeah those steps are uncomfortable to sit on.

So yeah, this year was going to be the year.  I was going to stand outside and get the job done this summer.  At first the usual excuses started, but then something terrible happened.  The tree in my back yard had to be totally cut down due to fears of the old dead thing falling on the house in a storm.  A very large branch had hit the house more then a year ago and luckily cause no damage, but no chances could be taken this year and so it was cut down.

The old tree was the only thing that obstructed the view to my back doorstep.  My back yard neighbor is a 80+ yr old woman who I’ve only met 3 times since I moved here years ago.  And yet i am now paranoid that she’ll see me if i step outside in the nude, even if it’s 2 AM.  And to be honest her back window is more the 30 yards away.  *sigh*  OK maybe one last try.  I don’t even know any more.